Treatment for Smoker’s Lips in Our Skin Clinic Near Wimbledon

Looking for Botox in Wimbledon? And looking to get rid of the  Smoker’s lips’, or ‘smoker’s lines’ that are caused by the regular lip movements we all make and are therefore unavoidable. At our skin clinic only twenty minutes away from our Botox Wimbledon regular clients who use us. We treat smoker’s lines with Botox injections, which last for about 12 to 14 months. The mix of chemicals found in cigarette smoke make these lines worse as does the repeated action of pressing the lips together each time we breathe, talk, eat and drink.

Botox Wimbledon: The number one clinic for Botox procedures

In order reduce smoker’s lines that develop around the mouth, our highly regarded Botox Wimbledon skin clinic offers a course of Botox anti-wrinkle injections. For the best results, many of our Wimbledon customers have Botox injections administered every 4-6 months. Another effective option is using low viscosity dermal fillers which help to plump up and smooth the fine lines around the mouth.

Jaw Augmentation Beauty Treatments for Our Wimbledon Customers

One of the best non-invasive beauty treatments to improve the look of the jawline and jowls is to have dermal fillers injected into the jaw. Many of our Wimbledon clients choose to have dermal fillers as soon as their jaw begin to sag, or lose firmness and definition, or the jaw becomes crooked or lopsided. Treatment with dermal fillers can be either permanent, semi-permanent, or just temporary.

Most of our Wimbledon clients opt for the temporary beauty treatments option because the effects can be reversed easily, if needed. If they choose a permanent jawline augmentation procedure, then the dermal fillers can only be removed by a surgeon.

During the treatment process, dermal fillers are injected in small amounts at several places along the jawline. This fills the skin from the inside out, alters the contours of the jaw area, and makes for a more prominent and well-defined jawline.

Beauty treatments like jaw augmentation plump up and tighten loose, sagging skin around the jaw and makes for a more youthful looking you. The entire procedure only takes around 30 minutes, and there are no bandages. The dermal fillers used are usually volumising high-viscosity and high-density fillers. Another kind of filler such as Radiesse can also be used and has the advantage of not only volumising the area but also stimulating the body’s own production of collagen and elastin.