Temple Procedure at Our Skin Clinic Near Weybridge

Customers who live in Weybridge are only minutes away from our ultra-modern, skin clinic and beauty treatment rooms. We provide Weybridge clients with an array of treatments including a temple procedure and Botox in Weybridge. As all of us age, volume is lost in the temple area and our faces look drawn and gaunt – this is known as a ‘skeletal’ appearance.

Botox Weybridge: Injections for Our Weybridge Customers

The temple is a particular area of the face where ageing skin shows quite clearly. But for many of our regular Botox Weybridge clients, a course of Botox injections quickly and easily rectifies this problem. With Botox injected into the temple area, hollows and dark shadows that aren’t visible in the skin of a young face disappear almost immediately. It’s a good idea to have regular treatments at intervals as advised by our clinic’s beauty skin specialists. If you’re looking for Botox in Weybridge then give us a call straightaway.

Dermal Fillers for Our Weybridge Clients

For those clients who live in  and are looking for Botox in Weybridge, we inject the temple region with dermal fillers to add volume and plump up the skin. This effective and natural-looking dermal fillers treatment rejuvenates the skin around the temples. Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Voluma are the chosen dermal fillers our skilled professionals prefer to use to improve the look of the skin.

A temple treatment with these highly effective dermal fillers lasts longer than with normal fillers and delivers a natural-looking skin rejuvenation. The technique used in injecting the dermal filler is either directly on the bone or by using superficial injections using cannula.

Facial Volume Loss Treatment – Keeping Our Weybridge Clients Looking Younger

As we age, our faces typically lose volume in the cheeks, brow and lips. A course of facial dermal fillers is the recommended treatment for all our Weybridge customers. When the cheeks lose volume, they lower or sag and folds from the corners of the nose to the mouth and from just beneath the corners of the mouth and around the jowls start to appear.

Anti-wrinkle dermal fillers work by adding volume, rejuvenating the skin and producing a glowing, young look. Used in various parts of the face, dermal fillers help our Weybridge clients regain their youthful looks.

So if you’re looking for a clinic that offers Botox in Weybridge then give us a call right now for a consultation.