At our London skin clinic, we offer the latest in skin treatments. Universkin, a new and highly adaptive treatment can be used on almost every aspect of your skin’s needs – it’s a case of mix and match. The Universkin system has a base serum that contains 11 different but vital ingredients for your skin’s health – these include biomimetic peptides that complement the skin’s regenerative processes.

The tried-and-tested ingredients can be formulated to treat specific skin problems – there’s no one-size fits all. Your treatment is therefore formulated for you and you only, and can be adapted to your skin’s changing needs during the course of a year.

Up to three ingredients can be added to the base serum that already contains skin boosters such as omega 3, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. For instance, your morning skin formulation could contain Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, as well as superoxide dismutase, while your evening formulation could include madecassoside, a highly effective antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and collagen-stimulating ingredients, plus salicylic acid.

Whether your skin needs to be kept properly hydrated in the cold, dry winter months, or protected from the harmful UV rays of the hot, summer sun, Universkin is the perfect solution. Skin is exposed to oxidants on a daily basis, and these speed up the aging process and can result in wrinkles, unsightly marks and pigmentation. Treatments like Universkin help to reverse the signs of aging and make your skin appear fresher, younger, and a whole lot more luminescent. Universkin helps to treat inflamed and dry skin, loss of volume, skin texture, pigmentation, and oily skin.